With their life raft toppled by a giant shark and falling into rough waters, Bluu and Blip wash up to the shore of an alien world. Both realise that they're a very long way from home...

Soundtrack: 00:00 'Tinplate Ant' by KLOCKHΛUS

00:52 'Objective (Official Soundtrack Alpha)' by Conor Logan

The World of ASCENT (Concepts Part 3)

SPARK GAMES would like to welcome you to the world of ASCENT - an 'in progress' open-world 3D platformer.

Soundtrack: : 'Main Menu Theme (ASCENT Official Soundtrack)' by William E.


Meet the local residents of ASCENT's planet Tohum - but don't stick around too long!

Soundtrack: 'Work It Out' by Rockit Maxx

Opening Cinematic & Menu 

Plummeting towards an alien world, Bluu and Blip must make it to shore and devise a plan to make it back home.

Soundtrack: 'Remember When' by Mitch Murder

ASCENT Concepts (Part 2)

After regaining consciousness and leaving their sinking escape pod, Bluu and Blip must devise a plan, rescue fellow survivors and master enemy technology in order to escape an alien world.

Soundtrack: 'Alfa Beach' by Com Truise

To the Tree!

Having just crash-landed onto an alien World, Bluu and Blip must make it across vast, diverse terrain before they can reach their planned escape route - a gigantic tree!

Soundtrack: 'Rollin at 5' by Kevin MacLeod

ASCENT Concepts

Encountering a ruthless species known as the Aphids, along with the aggressive wildlife of the mysterious planet, Bluu and Blip are in for a dangerous and lengthy journey.

Soundtrack: 'Lisa' by Airglow

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